Volkswagen E-Bugster Speedster Concept

Volkswagen unveiled the first pictures of the new concept of E-Bugster.

For drive E-Bugster corresponding unit supplied with current, which generates 116 hp. It allows the Volkswagen accelerates to 60 mph in 10.8 s

Lithium-ion battery has a 28.3 kWh of energy and can be recharged from house current or from the position of fast charge current. The second option allows you to fully charge the battery in 35 minutes. E-Bugster was equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system.

Electric Volkswagen is lower and longer than the latest production version of the Beetle hardtop. No one knows how much his body resembles a convertible version, which will go on sale. E-Bugster can give only a concept idea for the upcoming German auto manufacturer.