Honda Concept C

Concept C is a model for the Chinese market. Shown in Beijing sedan surprisingly aggressive styling with multiple knock. Sedans are associated with us, a rather quiet car for conservative clientele, but it is possible that China is different and there a brave look like. The question is whether in fact the production version will be so entertaining?

Honda Concept C is a model that heralds the modern family car for the Chinese market. The car was through the cooperation of Japanese and Chinese division of Honda, and will be built by a joint venture Guangqi Honda Automobile.

C Concept looks dynamic, bold and futuristic. Certainly there would be many customers for him outside the Middle Kingdom, but according to information will be available only there. Do not include any technical details.

At the assembly of the car based on Concept C will open a special factory. Its construction is to begin in 2012 and allow the car to start production around 2014. Expected production capacity is between 120 and 000 to 240 000 copies per year.