Jaguar XKX Concept

Jaguar is an amazing concept XKX connecting with each other cult classic look of the car and the latest technology. The authors tried to find a balance between elegance and high performance characteristic for each muscle of the tsar. Is such a vision can be realized?

Jaguar XKX appearance refers to one of the most beautiful cars in automotive history - Jaguar E-type. Smooth, aerodynamic lines of the new car to resemble a classic, but the similarity can be seen only after a closer inspection. The project builds on the achievements of modern technology to adapt the car to our times, while maintaining high performance and luxury.

For example, the roof is actually a transparent piezoelectric layer, which uses air friction at high speeds for battery charging car (Jaguar XKX electric car, of course). The air intakes in the front part are designed to provide even better traction and aerodynamics.

The project is so interesting and practicable, that nothing stands in the way to attempt to move it to reality. That is, provided that the British manufacturer would be interested in it at all. You can always dream, the best viewing gallery of automotive wonders following.