Honda Concept S

Honda unveiled at the fair in Beijing, an interesting model called Concept S. Japanese manufacturer recently trying to experiment with the style and looks for his idea for the future. Auto in China is presented herald a new urban minivan.

Auto meets all the requirements to put in front of their vehicles in the Chinese customers. The body is designed in bold, designers were not afraid to intertwine krągłościami sharp lines of what facet of the current design of most models of Honda. Attention is drawn to a large glass area. It is a good solution, because the interior seem more spacious and brighter. The driver will enjoy the narrow bars for easy maneuverability and expanding field of view.

The car will certainly modified before it hits the production line. There will be an ordinary mirror, the light will surely disappear imitation air intakes and exhaust tip. Also, the suspension should be lifted. The drive will be a petrol engine assisted by an electric motor. Could Honda was preparing new competitor for the Toyota Prius C? Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular and news-oriented Chinese customers certainly will attract just such a solution.

Auto is to be launched for sale next year. At first, you will be offered only in China, and later appears in the other world markets.