Peugeot 301

A few months before the Salon in Paris Motor Show, Peugeot presents a picture of the new model 301, which officially debut in September 2012 will be a compact sedan style referring to the larger 508 and is to be directed to the less wealthy customers.

French brand explains that the model 301 is to be cheap, but for the willing will also offer many extras. Customers will be able to buy include air conditioning, radio with MP3, Bluetooth and parking sensors.

Peugeot 301 is available with three options drives. The first is a 1.2-liter VTi engine with 72 bhp, the next to acquire their HDi 93 bhp, and the strongest of the range is 1.6-liter VTi generates 116 hp. They are associated with manual or automatic transmission.

Peugeot will be officially presented at the Paris Motor Show (29.09-14.10), and his sales start in November.

In connection with the debut of a new car, the French company introduced to update and systematize the model line. So far, three-digit nomenclature has evolved the last digit (the first segment is the car, the second "0" is the brand code): for example, 205, 206, 207 and 208 Now, Peugeot has decided to permanently leave the names, ending with all models of the evolution of the number "8". Thus, the successor to 208 is not 209, but still the model 208, except that the next generation.

Model 301 is thus the successor to 308, but the parallel car, which starts a new line of cars. They encourage potential customers that the Peugeot is able to offer interesting and inexpensive model, which previously had to be found from other producers.