Shelby 1000

Carroll Shelby has never slowing down, this time his Shelby American Inc.. located in Las Vegas (Nevada). Undertook to build a powerful Cobras. They wanted to offer a V8 5.4 engine driving 1000km.

This super car will be officially unveiled on the 5th April in New York International Auto Show.

Shelby 1000 will be available in two versions.

Shelby 1000 street legal will offer about 950 horsepower. The version with a capacity of about 1.100 hp legally on public roads no longer move will be. Writing about the power you can not write, it will be 950KM because of Carroll Shelby cars are built by hand and each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

For the uniqueness we must pay dearly. From $ 149.995 as a weaker version and $ 154.955 per lane (this must be added the cost of the new GT500 yet, which we provide as a base to build).

For the price not only get the dyno overclocked Shelby GT500. Shelby put a strong modification of almost all the 5.4 engine, not moving just down the engine. Also improved exhaust system, cooling, compressor listed on version 4.0l, tuned and added a little magic Carola, which makes this car a cult from birth. This allows you to cross the magical limit of 200mph.