Ferrari F70

We'll see him in September at the Paris Motor Show. It is to be lighter, faster and slightly less than the Enzo. F70 - top model Ferrari, which again raise the bar in the segment of super sports car

Ferrari Enzo successor probably will be powered by an engine of a total power of 920 hp - 800 hp 7.3 liter V12 unit plus 120 hp from the electric motor. This suggests that we have to deal with a variety of road KERS systems known from the F1 cars. It is also the possibility of using the V8 twin-turbo and power of 660 hp. Acceleration to 60 mph will occupy less than 3 seconds and top speed is 230 mph.

Ferrari F70 body was made ​​of carbon fiber, while the interior was devoid of any of the facilities. Ferrari does not preclude the application of the suspension made ​​entirely of carbon fiber. However, due to high production costs and possible servicing, the more likely the material is aluminum.

Car goes on sale in late 2012. It has been said only 399 cars, which in 2-3 years will leave the plant gates in Maranello. Price? It will definitely be high.