Bertone Nuccio Concept

Bertone bodywork studio celebrates his round, 100 th anniversary. In May, coincided with the 40th anniversary of the death of its founder, Giovanni Bertone. Since 1950, family-run company headed by his son, Giuseppe, better known as "Nuccio". This name was given to the latest concept Bertone.

Futuristic, Nuccio Bertone sports tries to combine in one body parts taken from the most famous and recognizable vehicles designed at Bertone. The most obvious is the Alfa Romeo Carabo of 1968, two years younger, cosmic Lancia Stratos Zero and the Lamborghini Countach classic from 1971.

The vehicle has to refer to the typical Bertone sports car designs of the 70s and 80 Hence, the wedge silhouette and a very low body. The car's front fascia strip was blended with integrated reflectors. When viewed in profile, from the front of the car, side line rising slightly towards the top, and just behind the extremity of the passenger compartment subtly begins to fall backwards. Top of the vehicle has been accentuated by the bright orange color. Rear window is not at all. In its place was in the middle of a 26-inch LCD display that shows the image from the camera on the back.

You drive model corresponds Nuccio Ferrari V8 engine with a capacity of 4.3-liter 480 hp. Probably also other mechanical components are derived from a Ferrari F430.