Toyota Hi-CT

A small, very comfortable, fashionable and environmentally friendly city car. The inspiration was a way of thinking and lifestyle of today's youth, and this is addressed to young Toyota Hi-CT.

This car looks like a locomotive on wheels.

To drive the electric motor is connected to the battery pack. Charging cells is mediated by external power sources. The drive is transmitted to the front wheels.

Of course, the car of the future is no place for a conventional drive, because under the hood (if at all so it can be called) Toyota Hi-CT for the latest hybrid technology, plug-in, or with batteries loaded from an external source of electricity. This means that placed under the floor of the battery pack can be recharged in a home network such as electricity.

The classic section includes a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Position the engine battery makes the driver's seat is positioned slightly higher, giving it better visibility. This super car has a 100-volt outlet, which can connect any electrical equipment, whether electronic, both while driving and the parking lot.

Rack located on the car so you can just remove. The glass roof provides occupants with plenty of natural light.