Lincoln Navigator

There's no denying that the Lincoln Navigator is a dying genre full size SUV. Powerful and reliable car, built on the frame. Benefits? Solid construction, great towing capacity, and ... the spirit of classic America. Disadvantages? First of all, a lot of fuel.

In the model for 2009, this defect is slightly less, because Ford buried in the software control - reduced a little burning car. In practice, we can count on a few gusts over ten percent lower fuel consumption. A more efficient use of fuel is recommended for aquarium visitors under the hood of the Navigator. The engine is a series of Triton V8 with a capacity of 5.4 liters and output of 300HP.

2009 Lincoln Navigator model includes as standard: an electrically operated rear tailgate, power folding third-row seats, bezkorkowy fuel cap, rearview camera, and an excellent 14 speaker audio system with THX II. So far as these additives have to pay.

Lincoln Navigator is the only meaningful competitor to the Cadillac Escalade. A few years ago two cars competed with each other. At this time, rather compete with everything else that moves on the road