Toyota A-BAT

Thanks to the huge popularity of pick-up in the U.S. Toyota attempted to create a futuristic vision of such a vehicle. Toyota A-BAT was to end with the image pick-up as a primitive, a truck with an absurd combustion. Its four-cylinder gasoline engine combined with hybrid HSD provide fuel at a very low level, while frame-free unibody construction helps maintain a relatively small mass, in spite of fairly heavy battery.

Much attention was paid to maintaining the road - as the buyer pick-up rarely leave the tarmac, the A-BAT is carried out as a car, while being practical car pick-up. If current production pick-up lots of space wasted on long bonnet - A-BAT in the engine compartment is small and compact, so you can be on a small length to create a large interior. While the loading platform is equipped with many amenities: backlight, built-in flashlight, or 110 V power socket A-BAT is a typical crossover, combining the best features of a passenger car, pickup truck and minivan, addressed to young customers.

You are only conceptual version. We do not know when (and if at all) this car will be available.