Maserati Merak

Each brand of Maserati car lovers automatically associate with Italy and its beautiful, stylish, fast cars. But few know that in the years 1968 - 1975 the majority of shares owned Maserati ... Citroën. One of the models are designed and manufactured in the days of "French" the board was the first version of the Maserati Merak.

Auto, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro master, the assumption would be more modest version of the Maserati Bora, which has gained the nickname La Borin. It divides the body of the Bora, but a smaller motor allowed the insertion of two additional seats on which it is true it is useful only for children (typically 2 2).

The first engine used was a 3 liter V6, which achieves the power of 190 hp and was a development of the construction of the Citroën SM. Also, the hydraulic brake system comes with MS. This coupé reaches a speed of 60 miles in less than 8 seconds.

In 1975, Maserati introduced the most powerful variant, Merak SS. Weight of the car was lowered and the Maserati Merak SS reached a power of 220 hp.

W1976 introduced another version, 2000 GT, featuring a 2-liter V6 with 170 hp. It was a design for the Italian market, where cars with a capacity exceeding 2000 cc were heavily taxed. The engine of this version will become the base for the Maserati Biturbo.

Merak was quite a popular car. Production ended in 1982 with approximately 1800 units.

Interesting fact: The name comes from the car from Earth about 79 light-years stars - Merak lying in the constellation Ursa Major.