Porsche Macan

For a long time known that Porsche intends to launch based on the Audi Q5 sports SUV, which will take place range of brands selling well below the Cayenne. Early on there were speculations that the new model will be named Cajun and after some time, most people began to treat this as a fact. The manufacturer has just published the first draft of the car and probably surprised all by announcing that he will name sounded.

Sounded a word derived from the Indonesian language and means tiger. There is a big chance that the name will not be an overstatement, since published a sketch shows a very dynamic and slim silhouette of a more predatory nature than the Cayenne. Auto will be constructed on the basis of MLB Evo platform, which will be used to build a new Audi Q5. Porsche has measured 4.60 sounded to me will have a four-door body with a strongly raked rear hatch, but unofficially, it will also be expected with a stronger three-door sporty.

Quite different exterior styling will not be confused with the Q5 sounded, and both cars will be similar to each other as the inside. Porsche will receive a completely different instrument panel, and many items such as "clocks" and panel C, will split with the new Boxster. Under the hood will go slightly modified by engineers at Porsche engines from Audi - they are units of four or six cylinders, petrol and diesel. Sounded Porsche in Leipzig will be produced alongside the Cayenne, and its market debut is scheduled for 2013.