Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/TZ2

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/TZ2 is an Italian sports car, produced in cooperation with Autodelta. Also known as the Alfa Romeo TZ Zagato or Tubolare. Plans for the birth of this model appeared in 1959 and had a goal to replace the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint something new. In the early ideas of designers vehicle was to be a racing car, but over time there are also versions on public roads.

The effect of designers' work helped to design a car with a lowered suspension. While the body is made of aluminum. Under the hood mounted engine R4, with a capacity of 112km. Sport versions of the car were reinforced and reached up to 160 horsepower. This was mainly due to the use of two spark plugs per cylinder, and modify slightly forward, allowing for better air flow.

His debut on the track at Monza, where he won first place, it had in 1963. TZ has won many more races. In 1965, however, the company faced a difficult choice either to further develop this model or stop production. Decided to modernize the car. Aluminium was replaced with glass fibers, which allowed the reduction of vehicle weight and increase horsepower to 170.

The new model got the name of the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2. He did not however surprising success on the track and ended its production. Giulia TZ2 was only 12 pieces, and their prices at auction today exceed $ 200,000 per unit. In 2010 he released the continuation of the model in honor of the company, which this year celebrated its 100 anniversary.