Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar's latest supercar, the XJ220 is celebrating its 20th anniversary. British brand wants to return to the sporting tradition and combining it with the latest technologies. Introduced in 2010, the C-X75 will be the successor of the famous XJ220.

Noting the styling and the latest technologies to make the C-X75 supercar with a top shelf. However, what most impressed at the concept car, the drive system. This is a hybrid, but not just what, for connecting the electric motor with two turbine engines. Unfortunately, this concept car is equipped with only a weak unit of electricity, and gas turbine makers proved to be a dream. Then, it seemed that it would not stand a chance.

Now that you seriously talking about the introduction of this car to sell, I know that the drive will correspond to the individual Electrical and classic four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The impressive performance of this solution is to ensure collaboration with Williams F1. However, it appears that the Indians of the Tata companies, which now must be Jaguar, have more ambitious plans. In addition to 250 cars with conventional drive there is also more limited series equipped with two gas turbines.

Motors have formed the British company Bladon Jets Engineering Centre, which also in part belongs to Daddy. The turbines will be weaker than those known to have jets and produce 95 hp each. In conjunction with electric motors it is sufficient to disperse the car to 60 mph in just over 3 seconds. In addition, the car is consume less fuel and be more environmentally friendly.