Toyota FCV-R

Stylized futuristic car, the Prius looks like the announcement of a rather distant future, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell. This on-board power plant was built on the specially designed, layered floor, so that did not undermine passenger space or luggage. There, space has been created for compressed hydrogen. Gas at a pressure up to 70 MPa (700 bar) is sufficient to overcome the distance 435 miles (700 km) between tankowaniami.

With the cell the FCV-R has a much greater load than the contemporary meaning of electric cars charged from the wall, and yet, in fact, the four-car Toyota also is the current. Except that the same it generates, exhaling into the atmosphere only harmless water vapor.

The steering wheel is more like shuttlecock, but in a production model of such extravagance is not expected

Toyota FCV-R will be available for sale in 2015