Peugeot 4008

At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, in addition to the model 208, Peugeot is also presenting another new car - 4008.

The vehicle has offered to replace the French manufacturer offered since 2007, model 4007. Like its predecessor, the 4008 is the result of cooperation of the PSA with the Japanese Mitsubishi.

Compared to its predecessor, the new car clearly diminished. Body measure is less than in 4007. This is achieved by reducing the floor plate. No change remained wheelbase - the French have decided to only "cut" front and rear overhang. From a technical point of view, the car is so twin produced since 2010 by the Mitsubishi ASX.

Reducing the physical dimensions of a sign that the new model is aimed at new customers and compete in the market have such cars, and even a segment leader - Nissan Qashqai. This thesis seems to be correct, if we look closely at the transmission arrangement. The former model - 4007 - was offered only with four-wheel drive. In the case of 4008 customers will have the choice between cars driven only on the front and four-wheel drive.

The change of the target group is also confirmed by the engine range. We offer two petrol engines: 1.6 liters at 115 hp and 2.0 liters at 150 hp and two diesel units: 1.6-liter HDI (115 hp) and 1.8 liter (150 hp). Preceded by - 4007 - performed with engines with capacities of 2.2 l and 2.4 l

It is worth noting that the offer of the drive units is wider than the twin ASX. The Mitsubishi motors are available only of his own design: 1.6 petrol (117 hp) and 1.8 diesel (150 hp). The Peugeot 4008 has made his unit or a 1.6 HDI I. .. derived from the Mitsubishi 2.0 petrol ... Where is the logic, if this engine Mitsubishi can not buy the ASX? The secret probably lies in the price. The latter probably, as in the case of twin Outlander and 4007, will be higher in the case of cars sold by the French. This is followed by additional engines go, the higher equipment and probably lower sales ...

The new car will be offered of fifty markets around the world. Initially - in April this year - will go to car dealers, Peugeot in Russia and Ukraine. Then 4008 will also appear in: China, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. Car debuts new markets scheduled for May.