Mazda Takeri

At the Geneva Motor Show Mazda will present a conceptual model Takeri, which was first officially saw the light of day during the fair in Tokyo late last year. The manufacturer has just published a larger number of official photos Takeri, and most interesting news is that apart from some detail is the de facto final appearance of the new Mazda 6

The production version will be just another door handles, mirrors and wheels - exaggerated design and extreme form of these elements is the domain of conceptual models. The biggest change compared to the current Mazda 6 is sold brand new grill, which appeared earlier in the compact SUV CX-5. Admittedly, the car designed according to a new stylistic direction of the brand called "KODO - Soul Movement" presents an extremely dynamic, yet elegant and proportion, without resorting to - often abused today - aggressive ribbed body.

The new Mazda 6 will be the next, the CX-5, a model of the Japanese manufacturer, which will be constructed from scratch, according to a very promising technology SkyActiv, which aims to achieve a significant reduction in vehicle weight and improve the performance of the entire propulsion system. As befits a model in this category, presented at the European market under the hood of the Mazda Takeri, who shall be present at the fair in Geneva working diesel SkyActiv-D engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters and 175 horsepower. The car is equipped with i-ELOOP allowing the recovery of kinetic energy during braking and transform it into electricity.