Smart Fortwo

Smart unveiled the first images and details of the model Fortwo after face lifting. This is the second cooling treatment in the last several months.

The network recently circulated spy photos depicting a masked Smart Fortwo, which has undergone facelift. It sees the launch of official photos, which show the city "toddler" in all its glory.

Refresh the model did not produce any revolution, and the changes they see only the hardcore fans of the car. The revised front bumper adds a bit sporty, the brand logo found their way to mask the front grille, while the rear bumper came from dummy diffuser and centrally positioned double exhaust tip.

The manufacturer has changed the available trim levels and continues to be a version of Pure, Pulse, Passion, Brabus and Brabus Xclusive.

Customers will have the choice of three-cylinder engines with a capacity of 1 liter. Two naturally-aspirated power of 61 or 71 hp, two turbocharged versions of 84 - and 102-horse, and cdi turbodiesel power of 54 hp.

View of Smart Fortwo after face-lift is scheduled for the Geneva motor show.