Nissan Invitation

Nissan Invitation
The new hatchback from Nissan will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and today we see the first visualization of the model.

Nissan has put on dynamic lines. Solid car is consistent and has an aerodynamic shape. Such a model does not look different Invitation is not only a marketing gimmick. The car has a very good coefficient of drag, which translates into a cruising.
Aggressive features are continued from the front side of the car through a clearly defined wedge-shaped crease. Rear roof spoiler crowned. Exhaust tips have been very carefully integrated into the bumper.

Inside, Nissan uses the highest quality materials. Inside, outside, like strong strong lines dominate the shape of drafting the dashboard.

At this stage, Invitation, as opposed to the Yucca looks very good. Question how many simplifications bring accountants ... One can only hope that the car will keep its style.

Nissan has not revealed information on the drive unit, but the segment B is to be the most economical car. For the first time in such a small car, installed the Around View Monitor system, thanks to it, undo and reverse parallel parking is no problem.