Nissan Juke-R

For several months, Nissan is constantly warming the atmosphere around their strong crossover. Photographs and video of the test appeared on the internet with the frequency increase in fuel prices at the stations. But no one knew what performance represents Juke R.

Today, everything is clear. The Japanese thoroughly tested 485-horsepower crossover 3.8-liter V6 derived from the Nissan GT-R. Simply put, you can even say that the Juke is the GT-R R `em in disguise.

But to the point ... Performance is very good. 3.7 seconds to 60 mph and 160 mph top speed. Enough to cause shame many a supercar.

Theoretically, the speed could be higher, but the engineers say it's a matter of aerodynamics. Shape Juke not allow it anymore.

Moreover, the Juke R is very heavy - weighs up to 1800 kg for!. All because of the reinforcements and frames, which are designed to stiffen the body. Soon should appear further information and possible release date crazy car from Japan.

Over the last half year, Nissan, along with RML and Nissan European Technology Centre built the hardcore Juke-R. In order not to be groundless Juke-R showed its potential in Dubai.

The showpiece race through the streets of Dubai Juke-R has given virtually no chance of the three superautom. Japanese super crossover defeated Italia Ferrari 458 horsepower (570 hp and maximum torque of 540 Nm), Lamborghini Gallardo (520 hp and 510 Nm) and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (571 hp and 650 Nm). You can see that supersportowe classic cars do not keep up with the Juke-Rem. Interestingly, when Nissan is sometimes praised at the Nurburgring?

Nissan Juke-R is a car developed by RML, which prepares the Nissan sports. Auto received the engine from the GT-R with a capacity of 3.8 liter and 4WD also transplanted with Nissan's sports car. Twin-turbo V6 engine generates 480 hp. Formed only two versions of the Juke-R, one of the wheel on the right and one left-hand drive.