Porsche 356

Porsche 356 was the first car produced under the brand name Porsche. This car was very light and easy to handle. It was produced as a double sports car available in hardtop coupe and convertible. Production of this small but nimble cars began in 1948 in Austria. After 1950, production was moved to Germany where he continued until 1965. Porsche 356 is a four-cylinder air-cooled engine car built in the back. The body itself was designed by the legendary Austrian designer Irwin command, which contributed to the success of companies like Volkswagen or Cistalia. 365 was designed as a racing car and that it was the first car Porsche.

In its heyday took part in races in which to be successful. Porsche 356-002 victory at Le Mans in the 1100cc class. In 1955, the car is placed on the U.S. market where it is warmly welcomed. The only Porsche importer in the U.S. was Max Hoffman. In 1956 the factory leaves 10-th copy. In time, over the years, this classic model lived to see many improvements and gain even better performance. Unfortunately, in 1965 released the latest version of that car and of the production. One of the most desirable models for collectors is the 356 "Speedster", introduced in late 1954. This version immediately liked the users. Its production in its heyday peaked at 1171 vehicles in 1957, and then slowly started to decline. Today, such cars can be seen very rarely and are expensive. They are valued at over $ 60,000, and sometimes they are even more expensive. The purchase of such masterpieces can afford only a few.