Tesla Model S

Tesla was doing - all the plans are carried out very smoothly and without interruption. Among other things, so that Model S will hit the market a few weeks before the planned debut in July. Do not rush this will affect the quality of the car?

Originally it was planned to debut in July, but the manufacturer has now announced that the first examples of the model will go to their happy owners already held. Today's official launch and distribution of car showrooms and owners who have previously submitted your order.

Model S is a liftback for seven people (5 +2), having a very high efficiency and performance. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph was 5.6 

The car will be available in three options. Under the standard range is 160 miles (257 km), there will also purchase a range of options 230 miles (370 km) and 300 miles (483 km). On the basis of tests, Tesla expects that the battery will retain about 70% of initial capacity after seven years of use.

In addition, Model S will enable the exchange of batteries at the station in about 5 minutes, and offer the ability to quickly charge the batteries in about 45 minutes of high-power source (probably a minimum of 50 kW) with a voltage of 440 V.

Profits from the sale of the company spent on the expansion of the vehicle, called BlueStar, which is to be even cheaper electric car.

Car looks very nice, is a technologically advanced, secure, reliable, according to the manufacturer and the price to pay for this type of vehicle is not in a stupor sets. The basic model costs in the U.S. market 77 500 $.