SRT Viper

Viper formerly sold under the Dodge brand, will now be signed with a SRT - Chrysler tuner. After several years of waiting, she made her debut in New York, the fifth generation of this American supercar, and while everything has changed, it remained Viper Viper.

Under the hood of the new model fitted with a huge V10 engine with a capacity of 8.4 liters, which delivers 640 hp. This means that the power to weight ratio is only slightly worse than the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari F12, and also better than the Lamborghini Aventadorze and competitive Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Maximum torque is a unit in Viperze 814 Nm and it is the best result among all naturally aspirated engines.

Body is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, and polished into the hidden drive system and a modern suspension. Viper in the standard version, however, remains a typical brutal American car, so different from the more expensive European competitors. For more demanding customers prepared GTS variant, which is equipped with active suspension and a more comfortable interior.