Mazda MX-5 Iai

In recent weeks Russian officials Mazda and the Moscow Academy of Arts Industrial and Applied Strogonov name emerged the most interesting projects in the competition to one of the stylistic future models of the brand. With an inspiring vision for the project came out victorious one variant of the MX-5, the most popular roadster in the world.

The main prize in the competition garnering Mazda MX-5 Iai, which was designed by Vladimir and Alexey Komarov. Young talents in a futuristic car, wanted to combine modernity with Japanese traditions, inspired by the shapes of the vehicle lines, cutting the katana. Hence the number of cutting the body into sharp angles and attention to a light form of figures as a whole.

Iai designed as a twin, glazed coupe, which fulfills the function of the doors slide open on two sides of the dome - a reference to the edge of hide and seek in the vagina. Thus, the driver would feel like a samurai. In his hands trafiƂoby lightweight, made lovingly by the hands of specialists, not a sports car arm machines that cut the thread of each road with surgical precision.

Developers pleased with the final result does not mention a word about the layout of the virtual drive the car. Judging, however, the project design does not need to do much more than has currently produced the MX-5, or 2-liter petrol engine with a capacity of one hundred and sixty horsepower.