Apple iCar

Rumors that Apple wants to create a car with us for a long time. Recently, one of his colleagues Steve Jobs said it was a dream boss iCar Apple. Does this mean that the electronic equipment manufacturing company is the development of cars?

About baptized as an iCar, says a long time. When five years ago, Steve Jobs met with the management of Volkswagen, it seemed that the car from Apple is very close. A year later, there is even a photo with the iPhone concept car (above), but hearing about the project finally disappeared.

Now on the back because of statements that gave Mickey Drexler, head of clothing company J.Crew and Apple board member. Drexler said the design of the car was a dream iCar Jobs. He added that Apple's famous chief never did. The statement can be interpreted so that if Jobs died, then the project moves away. On the other hand it is a reminder of the idea of ​​creating a fashionable car with the Apple logo.

Do iCar ever built? It is not known. It is also difficult to say whether such a car would be good. But we can be confident that surely would have found a large group willing to buy a car with an apple on the bonnet.