Falcon F7

A year ago the U.S. have shown prototype Mach7 Motorsport copyright supercoupe called Falcon, the first few pieces were created before 2012. Bold plans, however, were not implemented in reality. Auto with a slight slip in a form ready to produce his debut until now.

The first copy is the first art that will land in the hands of the customer. Others are already under construction, and the first series of the model includes building only 10 units. The machine is built on an aluminum chassis with elements of carbon, and the entire body is formed from carbon fiber.

To drive the car is pure American V8 with a capacity of seven liters of Chevrolet. As a result, try the manufacturer F7 engine produces 629 hp and 792 Nm, which, by a 6-speed landing gear on the rear wheels. This super car accelerates to 60 mph at the time of 3,3-3,6 seconds and clears the quarter-mile time 10.9 seconds.

In the first year of production, F7 would occur in 15 copies, the next in the 25th After the warm-up artists to build 100 units provide constantly udoskonalanego model each year. Depending on configuration and options the car will cost from 195 to 250 thousand dollars.