BMW i3 Concept

Premiere of the first series and BMW is fast approaching. Less than two months after the last test rides i3 model car was again caught by one of the Munich car parks.

BMW i3 Concept will be the first Bavarian car manufacturer, which was from the beginning designed to use only the electric motor. In addition, BMW engineers decided to give them the number of systems to enhance safety, and enhancing comfort.

The list of add-ons will be items such as adaptive cruise control, maintaining a constant distance from the vehicle in front, and the automatic braking system in the event of danger to the accident. In conjunction with the assistant riding in traffic, automatically changing the belt that moves with great speed and parking assist makes the driver is almost a passive passenger.

Auto size to fit in between the Mini and BMW 1 Series Thanks to a very tight turning circle and a large agility to ensure high efficiency around the city. Using an electric motor eliminates the problem of combustion, but the values ​​that characterize the engine is no longer a typical city. With the power of 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque, BMW has a small spin up to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds.

With the traditional use of auto-loaded by the owner will be about as often as his telephone. Charge the battery up to 80% capacity is expected to last just one hour.

Planned date of introduction of car production in 2013 is, therefore, test a small BMW slowly reach its final stage.