Citroen DS9

Some time ago, Citroen announced that it intends to extend its portfolio of luxury models, the DS next car that will be a luxury limousine.

French manufacturer refers to the first presented in 2010 a visionary model called Metropolis. Projects will be merged into one, and probably soon, Citroën dorobi a new flagship model, sold under the name of DS9.

Cars are very similar in style, but in the case of DS9 shows more interest in a shooting superstructures break / brake or liftbackami. So maybe in the production version will auto liftbackiem or, as in the case of C6 or older CX fastbackiem. Fastback is a conventional type of bodywork that really looks just like a sedan with a more dynamic lines - rear window does not rise with the trunk lid.

Under the hood, Numero 9, because that name appears on the occasion of updating information, teams are expected to be a hybrid that combines an electric motor with 70 hp and 200 Nm of torque placed on the rear axle with gasoline or diesel. So we know that the car will be equipped with four-wheel drive.