Audi R8

Later this year, Audi will present a refreshed version of its R8 sports car. Although the changes will include both the appearance of the vehicle and propulsion system, will not be revolutionary. Fig. Audi R8 is the first supercar offered by the manufacturer from Ingolstadt. After six years of production, Audi has decided to introduce the first package of amendments. Since the design of this model is still regarded by customers as attractive, the changes kept to a minimum.

From the outside, redesigned coupe and roadster will be announced after the first completely new headlights, in which the light beam as a whole will be emitted by the LED. The cabin we find the new buttons on the center console, as well as improved infotainment system, known from other models of this brand, such as the A6 and A8.

Most changes have taken place under the bonnet. While the R8 continues to be driven by unit 4.2 V8 and 5.2 V10, the power will now be transmitted to the wheels via S tronic dual-clutch transmission, and not, as yet - semi-automatic R tronic.

Refreshed R8 debut is scheduled for September 2012, when the automobile fair will be held in Paris.