Rimac Concept_One

Typically, electric cars are associated with tiny autami we municipalities, with the performance of the bicycle, and the coverage is enough to get to work and back home. A small manufacturer of Rimac decided to overthrow all stereotypes about electric cars.

Rimac Concept_One does not look like an electric car, it certainly does not drive, and certainly not miserable coverage. Car has electric motors which power can be compared with the equivalent of 1088 KM. Not really know what the calculations led to the producer, but more data in the specifications seem to confirm that.

Auto has a set of batteries with a capacity of 92 kW, which powers the electric motor at each wheel. Rimac said that the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph at 2.8 seconds.

The appearance of the car is sensational. Not surprisingly, the whole of the work of many producers and manufactures. Project staff created a Pininfarina body, is responsible for the interior of the Bulgarian firm Vilner, alloy and has developed a well-known brand in the industry HRE.

Rimac announced the production, of course, limited edition, limited to just 88 units priced at about $ 980,000 each. I am happy to see if the interest on this car was so high that the company has been enriched by more than 86 million dollars.