Buick Enclave

In another, the sixth year Buick Enclave comes with the changes that have lead to the maintenance of a very good sales of this car. As often happens, not experimented much with the figure, which was well received, but decided to change the details to Buick Enclave still looks fashionable.

Modified front and rear lamps. Of course, they are equipped with a diode. Buick also received a new grill covered with a dark chrome.

More attention was devoted designers interior. Buick Enclave from the beginning not enthused materials and styling of the board. After the change is a more modern and most importantly - finishes are high-end. Forms part of the glorious trend that we see more or less than 2 years - the U.S. car definitely catching up in terms of quality design in relation to European and Japanese cars.

Buick Enclave after lifting also provides better comfort than before. Vehicle suspension settings are improved, thus managed to reduce the shock to overcome inequality. For passengers there is also less noise than the working suspension. What's more, auto no longer so expensive mirrors propped in the corners - Enclave provides more fun in the fast lane - although to a level similar European cars still give it a little lacking.

Under the hood is well-known V6 engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters and an output power of 280 hp. Get along well with him proven machine with 6 gears. Just like brothers - Buick Enclave is available with four-wheel drive or front-wheel only.

Buick Enclave seems to be well prepared to fight the competition. Predecessor's weak points are eliminated while not eliminating the existing advantages. But remember that this car is already 7 years in the automotive industry which is almost an eternity.