Walley Larson LE1 Groundfighter

Walley Larson LE1 Groundfighter is the fastest car in the world.

Super car made ​​by Walley Larson has 2000 hp and top speed is 305 mph. Powered by a V8 turbo engine with a capacity of 4 liters.

Acceleration of the vehicle is from 0 to 60 mph - 2.2 seconds, to 100 mph - 3.5 sec, up to 125 mph - 4.3 seconds, up to 155 mph - 5.7 s. Up to 185 mph the car accelerates in 7.6 s

The car had to be produced on a small scale and was to cost about 600 000 dollars. Unfortunately it happened and the car was left only a prototype.