Dome S102.5

Toyota is not the only Japanese brand, which this year returns to 24-hour marathon of Le Mans. The race is also going to receive the Dome, which competed in France, already several times. The success of Japanese do not count, and even more - openly admit that their victory in the general classification in general are not interested and have slightly different priorities.

The Japanese brand, which is referred to as "childhood dream", debuted in 1978 at Geneva Motor Show showy coupe prototype Zero, on which work started three years earlier. The machine was powered by a Nissan engine. One year later Dome appeared at the start of Le Mans race with two arts Zero RL Ford engine. Both dropped out after a few laps.

Dome last time I took off at Le Mans in 2008 with the largest budget in its history, and a model S102 LMP1 class, which was completed three months earlier. The vehicle finished the race only at the 33 spot as the last ranked team.

New vehicle Dome, the experts were also involved in Toyota's return to Le Mans, will remain at petrol V8 3.4 liter Judd series Developments of British Engine and gearbox xtrace. The vehicle has to start for the team Pescarolo. Dome are primarily interested in classifications, and the best time for one lap, which would like to show your best.