Tesla Model X

In the company of a thousand invited guests, the head of Tesla Motors - Eldon Musk - presented the journalists the latest model of American business. Tesla officially unveiled their latest child, who could become the next big thing among the stars of Hollywood.

As is well known ecology is fashionable, and most celebrities want to be seen as fashionable. Therefore, in California goes so much more Prius family, etc. Soon the stars will be able to add to your collection of new ecological model - Tesla Model X.

Electric SUV was unveiled in Hawthorne, Tesla Design Studios in California. X Production will begin in full swing already in 2013. What is unique about this copy from the other "ekocars"?

The presentation focused mainly on the design of the new model, the trademark to be lifted upward - like the legendary Mercedes Gullwing - the back door. To facilitate their use in tight parking spaces, engineers have used a more hinges, door through which the wing bends the rope over the window.

Moreover, Model X is able to accommodate in its interior to seven adults. Performance is impressive. From 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. It's faster than Porsche 911 All thanks to two electric motors that are on the axles of the vehicle. Each of them is responsible for driving the two wheels. In practice, so we get all-wheel drive.

Car is based on the floorpan Tesla Model S, the four-door sedan, the first copies to reach the customers in the middle of the year (cars have as many as 60 percent. Common parts). Like him, Model X will be offered in three versions with different battery capacity 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 80 kWh.

The car, which will be the third model in the range specializing in the production of electric vehicles manufacturer, has hit the market in 2013.

Tesla Model X promises to be a very interesting view of the ecology and economy, interior space, design and performance. This SUV is not missing anything. Price also does not seem to be stunningly high against competitors - about 58 000 dollars.