Roding Roadster

One of the smaller, but not necessarily less important, premiere of the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show will be the first model of the German Automobile Roding. The company made ​​its debut put on light, modern roadster with a reliable engine, which guarantees access to adequate power decks.

Compact Roadster will be built on the chassis of carbon fiber, combined with aluminum frame with front and rear independent suspension. Weighing 950 kg car with a hard drive, removable roof will use in-line 6-cylinder production engine with supercharged BMW, whose jobs will be space between the rear axle and the driver and passenger backrest.

The power unit will produce 320 hp and 450 Nm, which, through a manual transmission with six forward ratios and a differential with limited slip for up to 40% will be output on the rear axle. A performance car, on which work started in summer 2007, developers do not mention yet. Prime Minister of the machine, completely redesigned for last year's 23 Roadster, at the beginning of next month.