Volkswagen Golf 7

Lighter, faster, stronger and better - that is to be the new Golf. How does the company want to improve Volkswagen's compact king?

The end result will be announced probably in the September motor show in Paris. Golf VII should therefore get to European customers later this year.

The seventh generation of Volkswagen's compact is unique, therefore, that initiates a new era for the whole group. Designed from the ground MQB platform will serve not only to build the Golf but the Skoda Octavia, Audi A3 and Seat Leon.

All engines will be in the range will be equipped with a turbo. To reduce the burning of the manufacturer intends to use the patent to deactivate two of the four cylinders when the engine is not too busy. Ecological and economical solution.

What's more, said MQB platform will go beyond the compact segment. Appropriate adjustments will also serve as the basis for the new Passat and Polo. It is a multitude of configuration options makes the MQB is so revolutionary.

Of course, this solution will help reduce production costs, which will become much easier. Thanks to the innovative use of aluminum welds and Golf VII will be 150 kg lighter than its predecessor. Seven should therefore weigh as much as the fourth-generation Golf.

GTI variant has to be even lighter. Germany plans to save up to 200 kg. Despite the reduction in weight VW is planning to use the "seven there" innovative safety systems and equipment previously unseen in this class.

In summary - Germany plans to create a compact perfect to be in every respect better than the competition. Do you succeed? Time will tell. But I suspect that the Golf will still be the market leader.