Toyota FT-Bh

At the forthcoming great strides Geneva Motor Show Toyota will present its latest concept, which bears a code FT-Bh. For the moment we have only little teaser and a handful of speaking about this model.

The car has to be a compact urban vehicle, but as can be seen on the above visualization - this is not another small hatchback and asexual. Silhouette of a vehicle seems low, aggressive and sleek, and so completely different from today's popular compact, urban wozideĊ‚ek.

What's more - the car will be able to boast a little CO2 to the atmosphere and relatively low fuel consumption thanks to the hybrid powertrain. Model FT-BH has to be in reasonable price range, so that more people could afford it. Development costs are in fact be relatively small, because the Japanese engineers apply known and proven solutions.

Toyota wants to prove that it is impossible to create economically and environmentally friendly city car, the price will not be felled to its knees. Hybrid for the masses? We'll see.