Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra sports car is the 60's. It originated as a collaboration between AC Cars and Carroll Shelby. The exact year of birth of this model is 1965 years. Uniqueness of his car and speed thanks to the engine. Under the hood you can find a Shelby Cobra V8 engine with a capacity of 6989 cc and a power 425 hp. Builder's dream was to win races and car races. For you to load-bearing frames are constructed of 4 inch pipe, wheels suspended by coil springs, wide fenders, big mouth air intake, lightweight, aluminum body - a glowing luster aluminum. For this the already mentioned siedmiolitrowy V8 engine produced for NASCAR - Ford 427, with 425 horses. This ideal design can accelerate to 163 mph in "the road".

Racing version has a power of 485 horses and accelerates to 180 mph. This car is unique. Carroll Shelby himself could be proud of winning car races and dreams come true for the constructor. The car has a flaw, however, can not afford any mistakes leading him. Auto reaching this great speed does not allow for them, for every wrong driver can pay with their lives. Auto instantly became a dream come true for many car enthusiasts with a quick and unique sports car at the same time in a classic style. Despite the enormous success of a company car it produces AC Cars in 1967 falls into financial trouble and has to stop production of the legendary car. Cobra went through many continue to sell well all over the world. Some of them are so faithful reconstruction of the original, that Carroll Shelby himself is surprised that they are better than the Cobras. Today the car is a dream for many, however, can afford not only the richest. Every collector of classic cars should have them in their collections.