Hyundai i40

A few years ago, Korean cars were treated like poor relatives of vehicles from Europe and Japan.

Unheard offensive, which launched a Hyundai-Kia has made Korean cars today in no way inferior competition. What's more, the rate with further new models can be confusing even moguls from Germany.

One of the new vehicles that have been recently made available on the market, the Hyundai i40. For now, this car is only available in the station wagon, which is not surprising, since it is this variety of body styles made her debut as the first - in Geneva. While the sedan is shown a little later on show in Barcelona.

This means that the estate was designed in Hyundai's European design center in Rüsselsheim from scratch, rather than by modification of an existing body-type sedan. This allowed the designers to develop wings, and a coherent structure, in which the edges are all starting from refektorów and ending with the rear window.

The end result is very successful. Hyundai 40 CW is one of najładniejszch combo on the market. Stylists managed to draw a body emanating a dynamic and eye-catching. Functionality slightly affected, but these were costs that Koreans seem to have agreed to pay.

The interior is typical of the Hyundai cars. Clocks have blue lights, which not everyone has to fit. Space inside is a lot, and all switches are arranged egronomicznie - by car can be addressed without resorting to manual.

Importantly, the materials that we find in the interior, are of good quality, and installation is at the level of Japanese and German competition. Of course, the quality of the materials used can not be matched by a premium brand. The whole, however, positive impression.

Hyundai i40 features a powerful wheelbase. Passengers can not complain about the lack of space, also on the back even tall people will be comfortable. Long wheel also makes the car leads to a stable and well-chosen inequality.

The interior of the Hyundai i40, in principle, only because you can have the soundproofing. This does not mean that the noise generated by the motor is large, moreover, during the drive does not stop. However, the change to European competition car shows that in this aspect of Koreans still have something to do.

Greater problem than the noise is a small selection of available units. D-segment cars demanding clients choose who need a vehicle to fit your needs. Somebody needs a small gasoline engine, other - big and strong, and still another - diesel.

If the gasoline can be assumed that the offer covers the demand (units with direct injection 1.6-liter 136 hp and 2.0 with a power 177 hp), whereas the diesels are no longer the case is simple. Hyundai i40 sells to only one unit or a capacity of 1.7 liters and is available albeit in two types of power, rub in the fact that the stronger has only 136 hp (weaker - 115 hp) of power. The demanding market is definitely not enough!

The UUT was driven by just the most powerful diesel version, which worked with an automatic six-speed gearbox. She, of course, gear does not work as fast as dual-clutch boxes, but it is efficient and works without undue delay. The high torque makes the car accelerates quite happy for the speed limits.

Some inconvenience may be the fact that both versions are equipped with standard diesel particulate filter (DPF), which during operation (especially urban), may have some discomfort. It's just not the fault of the Hyundai, but increasingly stringent emissions standards, diesel engines which are not able to meet.

In terms of equipment hyundai in no way competitors. The equipment can be - depending on the version - very rich and include, among others Heated rear seats (!), a panoramic roof, parking assistant and assistant to the lane.