Honda CR-V

The prototype model of the Honda CR-V in the European version will debut at the Geneva Motor Show 6th March 2012.

Honda presented the photos to interior design that sets design direction of fourth-generation Honda CR-V, it is to be introduced for sale in the autumn of 2012.

Compared to the previous generation, the prototype has a silhouette of a more aggressive przetĹ‚oczeniach clearly highlighted. The front bumper now comes down below, so that car has been stepped up and improved drag coefficient. Grill comes in the headlights adding an optically Honda pertness. Of course, the front headlights do not want for daytime running lights made ​​in LED technology.

The rear hatch is made up of two parts, this facilitates the loading of heavy baggage. The rear lights dart deftly pass the roof with an additional brake light. For now, the manufacturer has not revealed any information about the engines.