Ford T

One of the first in history and for that reason it is an exceptional car Ford Model T. It was constructed in 1908 by Ford Motor Company. The main builder of the legendary Model T was Henry Ford, C. Harold Wills, and Jenő Galamb József Farkas. Ford T is the first car produced on an assembly line. It is characterized by simple design, low, and it was while durability and reliability. The price was quite shocking, the car could be purchased with only $ 825. The hallmark of this car was that it was produced only in one color. Sam Ford said of him, "You can get your car in any color, provided that it will be black."

Thanks to its versatility and ease of use the car quickly gained fans. After ten years from date of manufacture almost half the cars on American roads were just these models. The big advantage of Model T Ford was the ease of repair, parts you could get in almost every store iron in America. Car was powered by four-stroke engine with a capacity of 2898cm3 and the power of 22km. It had also sprung up which allowed the frame to any cab chassis and resulted in a large number of body types. Support for this vehicle is quite simple, however, differ significantly from today's cars. Car in truth had three pedals, but the left pedal was used to change gears, reverse turn on the middle and the right rear brake run. Contrast, clutch and handbrake was located in the driver's left hand as leverage. T Ford was produced for 19 years, the last model left the factory May 31, 1927 year. Today the cult car can be seen in museums and exhibitions of automotive.