Infiniti Q50 - star of Detroit Motor Show

One of the stars of the motor show in Detroit a new model called the Infiniti Q50. This is the first car, which was named by the new nomenclature adopted by the Japanese brand. Q50 will replace the G37 model.

The biggest news in the interior of the Infiniti Q50 are two separate screens, which can be operated by touch or using gestures with your hands. Air conditioning and basic functions are supported classical radio buttons have other functions require the use of your computer. Two screens have their undeniable advantages. For example, one can change the settings or search for a location for navigation, and the second time the screen continuously displays the map. Looks interesting i-Key. Recognizes the car to 4 different keys and 96 saves settings options for each of the drivers.

The basic engine of  Q50  is derived from the G37. V6 with a capacity of 3.7 liter produces 328 hp and 365 Nm. More expensive option would be a hybrid consisting of a 3.5-lithium V6 engine and electric units, which deliver 354 hp globally for better acceleration and lower fuel consumption. In both versions, the power is transmitted through a 7-speed automatic transmission. Q50 model can be equipped with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Like the competition, the Infiniti has equipped his car with modern safety systems. Direct Adaptive Electric Power Steering is a steering wheel that can be controlled independently of each other, and offers four modes. Active Lane Control is part of the system helps to maintain lane. The computer compensates for turning cars due to side wind. Q50 model will offer a sports package, which will include, inter alia, modified suspension and sports tires.

The car, which has to compete among others BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-class will be in showrooms in the summer.