BMW M1 Concept - preview of 2016 year?

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the model M1, BMW surprised everyone publkikując sports car design with a centrally placed engine. Designers also alluded to a solid angular completing it with the original and modern features like rear diffuser, miniature flat mirrors and the lack of handles on an extremely wide body. An interesting detail is the new grill, which could be found in the production version.

BMW stresses that this is just a study to refer to the past, the brand and not hard to see that this car is in no way relates to the current group of Bavarian style line. The manufacturer, however, definitely does not reject the project, so it is possible that one day resurrected M1 hits the production line as extremely limited and expensive equipment that provides driving pleasure.

Drive for this vehicle is turbocharged V8 engine 650 hp. The unit is equipped with a system loss / stop, and for greater fuel economy will be able to regenerate energy from braking.