Honda Skydeck Concept

Skydeck is a futuristic Honda van, whose characteristic feature is the original way of opening the side doors. The front is lifted upward, as in the Lamborghini models, the rear is sliding - as in many conventional vans.

Interesting to address the issues of the seats. Two front and two middle are mounted to the central tunnel, and a two-person third row bench seat with fold-flat backrest. Access is easier rear seat can slip in the middle of the front seats. Above the heads of passengers can enjoy a panoramic glass roof, which dates back to the rear row of seats.

Honda Skydeck dashboard is very modest and simple. Before the driver were the most important indicators. Navigation display built into the center of the cockpit, while the front passenger are presented in graphic multimedia entertainment center.

Honda Skydeck is powered by a hybrid system. Electric motors draw power from the batteries installed in the tunnel between the front seats.

To keep the practical value of the propulsion system components (including batteries) was placed in the vehicle running through the middle of the tunnel, not the rear seats or under the floor. This solution allows for mounting inside the three rows of seats.

The prototype is equipped with several solutions that have no chance to use in a production car. For example, the front doors rise up (as it used in some models of Lamborghini). The rear is sliding.

And that's basically all that - so far - is known about the Honda Skydeck...