F & M Evantra

F & M comes from the first letters of names - Faralli & Mazzanti. A small Italian company has decided to make an exotic supercar with a central engine. But if you think that soon you'll see it somewhere on the road, then you are wrong.

F & M plans to produce for only 5 units per year. The first five vehicles have already found owners.

Each car will be a unique work - the client will be able to customize your copy at its discretion. Interestingly, you can even choose the type of raw material from which the body is executed. They may be composites, or aluminum.

The source drive is a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder-type flat six that generates 403 hp. You will be also an option with two turbochargers, whose power was estimated at 603 hp. Evantra, equipped with more powerful engine, has achieved the first 60 mph in 3.7 seconds

Unfortunately the price has not been made ​​known, but probably will be very high. The first deliveries to customers are scheduled to begin in the middle of next year.