Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe is the first Renault car, designed from the beginning of the electric car

Renault Zoe was equipped with a traction drive with maximum power of 65 kW, developing maximum torque of 220 Nm, which should allow for very agile around the city.

Zoe will be equipped with on-board charger Cameleon enables both single-phase loading of the installation (about 3 kW power) and much faster loading of three-phase system (capacity of approximately 22 or 43 kW shortening the process according to one hour or 30 minutes).

To obtain decent ranges in winter will greatly contribute to the heat pump is used, which can heat the cabin power of 3 kW (or cooling power of 2 kW) by downloading only 1 kW of power from the batteries. In order to maximize coverage in Zoe also used efficient regenerative braking, and specially designed for this model EV EnergyTM Michelin low rolling resistance.

As with other Renault models, Zoe will be sold with the exception of batteries, for whose use must pay a monthly subscription in case of a contract for 36 months and plan.

Renault Zoe has hit the market in late 2012.