Porsche Pajun

At the latest by 2017, Porsche will present his next 4-door model, which for now is the name Pajun baptized. It is to be derived, and less than the Panamera.

Pajun will be built on an entirely new platform and new engines. They will be sześciocylidrowe gasoline - 320 hp, 420 hp and 520 hp, and diesel engines with power to 313 hp. Auto will be a competitor to the Mercedes E class.

One year after the introduction of cars for sale are intended to be a wagon version - Shooting Brake. Porsche would be the first of its kind.

Porsche has not only a lot of time to create a new car model, but also to find a better name for it. Pajun in Korean means pancake with seafood, while in Finnish - OMEGA - and Welsh - "wait for it" ... :)