Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept

Peugeot has prepared a concept version of the vehicle to reflect changes in the modern world. By 2050, 5.3 billion inhabitants of our planet will live in mega-cities. The French manufacturer claims that such people the most useful compact multipurpose vehicle, as freely moving in urban infrastructure, which on the open road. The answer to these needs is to be Urban Crossover Concept, which has just debuted at the Beijing Motor Show in October will be able to see it as a European audience, as will be shown at the Paris Motor Show.

Peugeot Urban Crossover is quite compact figure and will be a synthesis of the French experience in developing small urban vehicles combining the flexibility of use, compact size, versatility and interesting style. Peugeot Crossover Urban tries to reconcile all under one roof features, which usually observe in different types of vehicles - suspension and high reliability, light weight and aerodynamics of a modern SUV with finesse, elegance and dynamism of new Peugeot saloon as well as the nature of the compact multipurpose vehicle, but offers plenty of space in the interior.

Unfortunately we do not know how to drive his Peugeot predicted the new concept.