Laborghini Urus

At the International Motor Show in Beijing, Automobili Lamborghini presents his debut in the segment SUV. Urus is a unique design and outstanding performance in one. Power of 600 hp and a unique know-how in lightweight Lamborghini technologies guarantee breathtaking dynamics. Lamborghini Urus simultaneously emit very little CO2 is compared with its competitors in its class. Concept SUV offers passengers four very comfortable seats, versatile luggage compartment, the gap of variable height and constant all-wheel drive. Inside this superatlety find innovative finishing materials, including technologies that use carbon fiber, such as the patented Forged Composite ®.

Urus name refers to the Lamborghini logo - Urus, also known as the Aurochs is one of the big, wild ancestors of domesticated cattle.

Lamborghini designers set themselves several goals by creating Urus. Will offer about 600 horsepower, permanent all-wheel drive with traction control and get ahead of the competition in the category of "the lowest CO2 emissions." To do this they had to focus on the maximum reduction in vehicle weight. In Urusie uses intelligent combination of materials forming the structure and the body of the vehicle, and - for the first time - regular, light design in the interior of the cabin.

Important was also the dynamics and the ease of doing - hanging low center of gravity, innovative, adaptive body aerodynamics and variable clearance between the chassis and the road surface should contribute to achieving this goal. At the top of the rear window deflector placed that directs the airflow down rear window to the adjustable spoiler. Urus also procured a 24-inch wheels with carbon wings optimizers ventilation.